Replication weirdness

Daniel Miller - CLOUD dmiller at
Sat Dec 4 23:50:02 UTC 2021

Another update.

I dug deeper into the mailboxes - and found the "subscriptions" and 
actual mailboxes weren't correct in all cases. I guess when I shifted to 
the explicit INBOX/ namespace not all the existing boxes migrated 
correctly. So...after manually correcting all the "subscription" files, 
and manually moving the duplicated "Archives" folders to the correct 
locations nearly all the errors have gone.

I wish I'd gotten more inforrmative error messages, and processes 
certainly shouldn't have crashed, but since I obviously created the 
problem due to manually poking things and improper configuration I guess 
I can't complain too much.

I still have problems using the "-N" flag for syncing - but things seem 
to be working with the multiple explicit "-n" namespaces. I do still 
have the locking error appearing during long-running syncs - I don't see 
why Dovecot doesn't know that it's already syncing a given user before 
trying to start a second process. Probably something else I setup wrong 
but I don't know what.

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