logging verbosity

Fourhundred Thecat 400thecat at gmx.ch
Fri Feb 5 06:17:01 EET 2021


I get lots of these messages in the log:

   dovecot:  imap-login: Login: user at, TLSv1.3 with ..
   dovecot:  imap(user)<10889><glzsCIi6AMbUGQtL>: Disconnected for
inactivity ...
   dovecot:  imap(user)<10887><vzjQB4i6/MXUGQtL>: Logged out ...

when user clicks on folder in Thunderbird, or sometimes even when the
Thunderbird window is in focus (without clicking anything).

Anyway, how can I suppress these info messages, while keeping the
important ones, such as auth problems?

I am using Dovecot v2.3.4.1 with 10-logging.conf with default values. I
see there is this line:

   # Log unsuccessful authentication attempts and the reasons why they
   auth_verbose = yes

I definitely want to keep logging unsuccessful auth, but how can I
suppress the verbose rest?

and lastly, can these settings be set per-user?

Can I suppress verbose for user 'bob' but keep for others?


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