I'm unable to get Claws-Mail to work with SSL/993 with a passphrased selfsigned cert

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Sat Feb 6 00:11:48 EET 2021

Hi all,

First, thanks to everyone on Freenode #dovecot who helped me with my
extreme problems a couple days ago. I once again have Claws-Mail able
to connect to my SSL/993 only Dovecot IMAP, after making my own cert
and a few other things.

Here's the deal though. When I try to use an rsa:4096 cert with a
passphrase for dovecot, Claws-Mail cannot connect, even though I put
the cert's passphrase in Claws-Mail's passphrase field right below the
field for the cert's location/filename. It tells me it can't import the
p12 cert. This happens whether I put in the location of the public
cert, or the private one.

What do I need to do to get Claws-Mail and Dovecot to work together
with a passphrased cert?

Naturally, this could be a deficency in Claws-Mail, and I've written
a similar email to the Claws-Mail group, but either way I'd like to get
this solved so I'm not using a no-password cert.

By the way, when I do:

openssl s_client -connect \ 

openssl asks me for the passphrase and upon receiving it gives me the
information. This does not happen if I give it the location of the
public key.



Steve Litt 
Autumn 2020 featured book: Thriving in Tough Times

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