Messages sent to alias+detail end up in INBOX

Yassine Chaouche a.chaouche at
Thu Feb 18 14:53:39 EET 2021

Yo Denis,

As bjoern and Anton already said, you need a sieve script
that has a rule that says every mail that has the "detail"
keyword in the "to" header must go to the "detail" folder.

It works with static values. But I don't know if you can
dynmicaly create folders with the "detail" part put in a
variable for example, ask the sieve to create it if it
doesn't exist, then deliver mail to it.


Le 2/18/21 à 1:27 PM, Bjoern Franke a écrit :
> Hi,
>> So, there is now way that Dovecot can create folders with "detail" name for mail sent to "alias+detail" address?
> did you take a look into the logs? E.g. in my setup, dovecot complains
> when sieve should put the message into a folder which does not exist.
> Maybe it logs something also in your case why it does not create the folder.
> Regards
> Bjoern

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