disable pop3 ports?

Jean-Daniel jddupas at xooloo.com
Tue May 4 11:18:36 EEST 2021

Not sure what distribution you are using, but some distributions provide distincts package for dovecot-pop, so removing it may be enough.

This package main purpose it to install a file in /usr/share/dovecot/protocols.d/ which is then imported in the config by a line like "!include_try /usr/share/dovecot/protocols.d/*.protocol »

Also, make sure "doveconf protocols" does not include pop3

Presence of service pop3-login, service pop3 in config should not be enough to start listening on pop3 ports.

> Le 4 mai 2021 à 06:40, Dan Egli <dan at newideatest.site> a écrit :
> I admit I don't quite understand dovecot's config yet, but this is driving me batty. I was looking at my server and noticed that dovecot was listening on the pop3 ports (110/TCP). Since I do not use pop3 at all, nor does anyone who has ever or ever will connect to the server, that seems like a needless waste. So I went through the config files and commented out every reference to pop3 in them. But when I restart dovecot, it STILL opens a listener on 110. How do I fix this? The ONLY external ports I want dovecot listening to are imap4 and imap4s.
> Thanks!
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