disable pop3 ports?

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Tue May 4 12:34:37 EEST 2021

Don't enable the port in the firewall.  Actually two ports (encrypted and not).

110 and 995.

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From: dan at newideatest.site
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To: Marc at f1-outsourcing.eu; dovecot at dovecot.org
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Already did all of that. like I said, EVERY instance of pop3 in the
entire config set is commented out.

On 5/4/2021 1:12 AM, Marc wrote:
> maybe remove pop3 from protocols, remove service pop3-login, service pop3?
>> I admit I don't quite understand dovecot's config yet, but this is
>> driving me batty. I was looking at my server and noticed that dovecot
>> was listening on the pop3 ports (110/TCP). Since I do not use pop3 at
>> all, nor does anyone who has ever or ever will connect to the server,
>> that seems like a needless waste. So I went through the config files and
>> commented out every reference to pop3 in them. But when I restart
>> dovecot, it STILL opens a listener on 110. How do I fix this? The ONLY
>> external ports I want dovecot listening to are imap4 and imap4s.
>> Thanks!
Dan Egli
From my Test Server

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