disable pop3 ports? (success)

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Tue May 4 22:49:49 EEST 2021

This has been a long thread. In summary, do this:

 From 10-master.conf (when using split config files)

service pop3-login {
    net_listener pop3 {
    port = 0
inet_listener pop3s {
   port = 0
   ssl = yes

This disables pop3 listeners even when the pop3 protocol is enabled.

Regarding protection from the local host, if they can get on your system then they will just attack imap. But I suppose this port=0 thing is still a good idea since it reduces the attack surface.  I see no disadvantage. 

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Changing the ports to = 0 did the trick. Nothing is listening on or 995

now. Thanks for your help, all!

Dan Egli
From my Test Server

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