Different Maildir Locations

Gabx gabriel1 at tcpreset.net
Fri May 28 12:21:33 EEST 2021

on my vps (debian stable) I have an email system with postfix, dovecot, 
virtual users and domains.
I have 3 users with different mail_locations.

the first mail_location = maildir: ~ / Maildir
the second mail_location = maildir: ~ / user1 / Maildir
the third mail_location = maildir: ~ / user2 / mail

In postfix the above schema is represented in virtual_mailbox_maps.

In dovecot mail_location is set maildir:~/Maildir.

The first user receives regular mail, the other two none.
I tried to see if in dovecot there was the possibility to configure the 
mail_location specifically for each single user, but with namespaces and 
userdb I am a bit confused and I have not found specific examples for my 


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