Panic on indexer-worker and Dovecot stop to search on Solr

Alessio Cecchi alessio at
Mon May 31 21:58:18 EEST 2021

Il 31/05/21 18:17, Aki Tuomi ha scritto:

>> On 31/05/2021 19:09 Alessio Cecchi <alessio at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have setup on a (little busy) Dovecot server FTS with Solr and Virtual folder to enable "search in all folders" for users.
>>   All works fine until for some users the indexer-worker process crash.
>> After this crash Dovecot stop to query Solr for new search in BODY, returning SERVERBUG, for all users on the server and only with a dovecot restart users can search in BODY again.
>> Before the dovecot restart I can see that on Solr server no query from dovecot arriving anymore (for SEARCH BODY because SEARCH in FROM/TO/SUBJECT still works fine)
> Hi!
> It's a known bug and will be fixed in next release. It happens with tika and solr being used together.
> Aki
Good to know, I'm not using tika but decode2text, is the same?

Alessio Cecchi
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