Solr FTS - message deletes not working as expected

Shawn Heisey elyograg at
Thu Nov 4 06:12:40 EET 2021

On 11/3/21 1:09 PM, Michael Slusarz wrote:
> For Solr, there's a code path in the FTS expunge code that will silently toss expunge requests:
>          if (ctx->last_indexed_uid == 0 ||
>              uid > ctx->last_indexed_uid + 100) {
>                  /* don't waste time asking Solr to expunge a message that is
>                     highly unlikely to be indexed at this time. */
>                  return;
>          }
> So it's possible you are running into that.

Interesting.  I don't know dovecot code well enough to figure out if 
maybe *every* expunge that happens is classified by that code as 
"unlikely to be indexed at this time."  For the situations I have tried, 
I know that the message HAS been indexed and should be deleted from the 

I was going to try removing that whole code construct and running it to 
see what happens, but it looks like the dovecot apt repo does not have 
source packages.  When I add a deb-src line to the dovecot repo config, 
then do "apt update" (which works without complaint) followed by 
"apt-get source dovecot-solr" it pulls source packages from the Ubuntu 
repo, not the dovecot repo, so the source I end up with is for version 
2.3.7, not the 2.3.17 that I am running.

Maybe I can do a custom compile of the source code and replace the 
/usr/lib/dovecot/modules/ file with what the 
compile produces.  I'm going to try that, and see if it explodes. :)


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