Bug report: Global Mailbox UID mismatch on replication when upgrading from 2.3.13 to 2.3.17

Dennis Højgaard | Powerhosting Support dh at powerhosting.dk
Wed Nov 17 11:29:24 UTC 2021


We use dovecot for replication on two dovecot nodes (using Maildir). 
Worked perfectly until upgrading from 2.3.13 to 2.3.17. I found out 
about it a couple of days after where Queued 'full resync' requests had 
gone up. And then i saw some failed requests. But nothing in the log. I 
found out which users having trouble and saw that it was new user so i 
ran doveadm sync manually and got the following error:

doveadm(2849817): Warning: Mailbox changes caused a desync. You may want 
to run dsync again: Remote lost mailbox GUID 
38e69e0ba98d936142ac29004e3fea09 (maybe it was just deleted?)

So i found out that dovecot-uidlist had a mismatch on the Global Mailbox 
UID, so global mailbox uid is not the same on both servers for new 
users. I don't know if there is something that has changed with regards 
to how this GUID is generated, because when i look at old mailboxes they 
are always identical on both servers.

I fix this issue manually by editing dovecot-uidlist on one of the 
servers making the global mailbox uid on both servers identical, and 
then run force-resync. This works, but i guess something has changed.


Dennis Højgaard
Powerhosting Support

t: +45 7222 4457 | e: dh at powerhosting.dk | w: https://powerhosting.dk

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