PIGEONHOLE BUG: imapsieve with virtual mailboxes

Claudemir Todo Bom claudemir at todobom.com
Sat Nov 20 13:02:27 UTC 2021


after some time learning some parts of the code of dovecot/pigeohole, I
made a Proof of Concept that it is possible to execute imapsieve scripts
when moving messages to virtual mailboxes, made it a pull request  on the
pigeonhole github project:


I would like that somebody take a look at this changes and make them in a
propper way into the main code of pigeonhole and dovecot.

Em seg., 15 de nov. de 2021 às 11:55, Claudemir Todo Bom <
claudemir at todobom.com> escreveu:

> Hi folks, and @stephanbosch
> trying to debug the code, even knowing nothing about it, I discovered
> that @stephanbosch (cc him on this message) fixed the panic error I
> described in my original message on commit #27ab897f in the pigeonhole
> project.
> In this change he only avoided running into the bug if UID of the message
> could not be determined, which is the case when the target mailbox of a
> copy or move operation is a virtualbox with a fallback real mailbox. This
> way the imapsieve is unusable when moving to a virtual mailbox, since what
> I'm trying to do is a virtualbox for Junk and some others, all with real
> mailboxes fallbacks and trying to activate the spamassassin learning on
> this movement, I need to detect when a message is being moved from a junk
> folder to any other folder and vice-versa.
> Can anybody help me on making imapsieve to work when dropping messages
> into virtual mailbox that have a real mailbox fallback?
> Best regards,
> Claudemir
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