logging for doveadm replicator?

Norman King norman at compassfoundation.io
Fri Oct 15 18:26:34 EEST 2021


We have a doveadm replicator config set up to do 2 way sync of all users 
on our mail server. Currently running doveadm replicator status gives 
the following.


root at mail:~# doveadm replicator status
Queued 'sync' requests        0
Queued 'high' requests        0
Queued 'low' requests         1
Queued 'failed' requests      0
Queued 'full resync' requests 677
Waiting 'failed' requests     4
Total number of known users   1577


Is there anything i can do to get these full resyncs to happen faster?

doveadm replicator dsync-status routinely shows most of the slots as not 

Where can i start to either see logs of the replicator plugin to see if 
i can diagnose why it's so far behind? or is there a way to force these 
syncs to happen faster?



Norman King
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support at compassfoundation.io

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