email migration of mdbox to sdbox with set index in mail_location

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Wed Oct 13 23:46:50 EEST 2021

Hello, my name is Filipe

I'm migrating an email server to another new server. Accounts have their 
storage configured as mdbox and their index being saved in another 
storage device. I want to migrate all messages to the new server with a 
new storage mode, sdbox.

The new server will have storage settings set to sdbox for email accounts:

In dovecot's doc it says mdbox mode is the only one that supports index 
storage on another device.

/"Index files can be stored in a different location by using the INDEX 
parameter in the mail location specification. If the INDEX parameter is 
specified, it will override the root mail location for index files and 
the "map index" file (mdbox only). "/

Even with this warning I performed the migration of some accounts as a test.

running the commands from server A to server B.

"Server A" conf:
dovecot version:

"Server B" conf:
dovecot version:

command executed on server A to execute message migration:

/root at serverA: ~# doveadm sync -u ssh root@*serverB* doveadm 
dsync-server -u

In the end, the message migration was successful and the access to the 
email account worked normally on server B.

The question is whether dovecot has this support to move the index when 
I use the sdbox?

Thank you for your help

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