resend whole inbox to user

Marc Marc at
Wed Apr 6 20:58:34 UTC 2022

> > I was wondering if there is some way to force an imap client to 're-
> download' all the messages from the inbox. I can remember in the 'old
> days' that when the connection was dropped during a pop download, the
> whole inbox was re-downloaded, resulting in quite a lot of duplicates. I
> am looking for such action.
> >
> >
> While not a 'dovecot' question.. IMAP does NOT download messages in the
> first place, so there is no such thing as re-download.

I am not sure. In the worst case you have to change all unique msgids or so, not?

> You simply set the IMAP client to 'synchronize' if you want a copy
> stored locally.  Eg, in Thunderbird, click on properties,
> synchronization, Select this folder for offline use, download.

I think the default behaviour of most clients is synchronize the inbox. Download synchronize, what is in the name.

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