Unable to write *.sieve files while Dovecot is running

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Thu Apr 7 19:38:12 UTC 2022

Am 07.04.2022 um 15:16 schrieb Ralph Seichter:
> I noticed lately that I can no longer modify *.sieve files while Dovecot
> is running. Write operations appear not to be permitted anymore:
>    $ echo >> example.sieve
>    zsh: permission denied: example.sieve
> Text editors like vim cannot write either. Since I used to be able to
> modify Sieve source files on the fly, I am wondering if the behaviour
> I see nowadays is intentional?

IMHO dovecot only consumes the bytecode sieve filter, not the plain text 
source file based on which the bytecode get generated.

I would be your issue is cause by unix permissions or by MAC systems 
like grsecurity, SELinux or Apparmor.


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