Set up per user sieve rules

Shawn Heisey elyograg at
Sun Apr 10 17:54:42 UTC 2022

On 4/9/2022 9:36 PM, Shawn Heisey wrote:
> sieve_default = file:/var/vmail/global.sieve

And in case it matters, here are the contents of the global.sieve file:

require ["envelope", "fileinto", "reject", "vacation", "regex",
          "relational", "comparator-i;ascii-numeric"];

#if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
#  fileinto "Spam";

# discard all mail with a spam score 25 or higher
#if not header :contains "X-Spam-Score" "-" {
#    if header :value "ge" :comparator "i;ascii-numeric"
#      ["X-Spam-Score"] ["25"] {
#        discard;
#        stop;
#    }

I should probably uncomment at least the last block.  For the other one, 
I don't know if that's safe to uncomment.  If a destination folder does 
not exist, will sieve create it?  If so, will it also auto-subscribe 
that folder?  Based on errors I've gotten in my own sieve log, I don't 
think sieve will create it.


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