how to setup IMAPs with letsencrypt

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Mon Apr 25 23:42:16 UTC 2022

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> [Actually, I wrote]
>> otherwise you'll have to use DNS challenge method
>> to support multiple hostnames on the same certificate.
> do you know how to implement this?

Others have pointed out resources, but at a very basic level, you'll need
a scriptable way to add TXT records for your domain. Plenty of ACMEbots
supply plugins for various cloud provider APIs, but if you're running
your own DNS server like I am, you may have roll your own plugin.

If you don't have this level of control over your DNS zone, you'll have
to bodge it with HTTP challenge and a stub web servers.

> the original certificates were issued for domain:
> But this certs can be used for too?

For wildcarded certs (valid for *, your only recourse is
use DNS challenges.

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