Submission Service Copy To Sent

spi spi at
Tue Aug 9 18:05:21 UTC 2022

Am 09.08.22 um 18:56 schrieb Asai:
> Greetings,
> We've had a longstanding problem with emails not being copied to the
> Sent folder that seems to be a bug with various email clients
> (Thunderbird, TypeApp.)
> I know that Dovecot has the option to use the Submission service to
> copy emails to Sent without using SMTP to do this.
> Would this solve the problem we've seen over the years of emails not
> being copied to the Sent folder on various clients under certain
> (unknown) conditions?
I had the same issue some time ago, If I remember right, with submission
the IMAP client needs to support some additional IMAP features which
most clients currently don't do.

I did it the other way round - my clients send mails by smtp and a
postfix milter script catches the mail on the mail server and copies it
locally to the user's IMAP mailbox - the clients don't upload any sent
mails by IMAP anymore.

Am using mailfromd as milter:


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