Adding new server (POP3 only)

Adrian Minta adrian.minta at
Sun Aug 21 11:10:19 UTC 2022


your users will not notice anything.

If you are using a load-balancer try to stick a user on the same 
back-end. Use "static" hash or Dovecot Director.

On 8/21/22 11:41, Antonino Esposito wrote:
> Good morning,
> we're facing a spike in users activation and we've decided to add 
> another server for POP3 only.
> Since our dovecot is currently backed by NFS, i'm under the impression 
> we just need to add a new instance listening for POP3, backed by the 
> same NFS. However, i'm afraid the existing POP3 users will download 
> the messages once again, due to the fact the responding server will be 
> on a different IP address, even if the hostname will be exactly the same.
> Am i right in this assumption? Have you any advice for me?
> Thanks
> Antonino

Best regards,
Adrian Minta

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