dovecot + tika-server 2.4.1 failed attachment scanning -- ERROR: 'corrupt stream'?

PGNet Dev at
Fri Jul 15 18:28:30 UTC 2022

i'm running dovecot + fts_tika for attachment scanning, with tika-server 2.4.1

submitting a PDF attachment DIRECTLY to tika, via curl, there's no issue -- scan's OK

on mail receipt in dovecot, the attachment is submitted to tika via fts, but scanning fails with a 'corrupt stream' ERROR.

i've posted the issue, with details here, @ tika ML,

where it's suggested the message may be getting truncated

since direct-via-curl doesn't truncate, it seems that the submission process -- via fts plugin -- is a possiblity.

can anyone confirm PDF attachment scan in a similar config, with latest versions?

or suggest what diagnostic to use to dig for further, relevant troubleshooting info in dovecot+fts?

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