Redundant Database, Pgsql ?

Benny Pedersen me at
Tue Feb 21 17:57:19 UTC 2023

Lars Schotte skrev den 2023-02-21 18:04:
> Yes, that looks nice, I am going to try that too.


> Because every other option is based on some other software,
> like relayd or nginx, it is all possible, but adds complexity.


> The best would be to have it inside connection string.

real fix or even possible is to add failback host=, eg host=localhost 
failbackfrom=dbi:/path-to-sqlite3 file, with is just cache from 
postgresql, then postgres can be down, if cache holds the wather

all this imho needs code changes, the cache must not be write cache, 
only read cache

that means it cant work for dict unless dict is sqlite aswell

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