Redundant Database, Pgsql ?

Marcus Jodorf bofh at
Wed Feb 22 03:28:04 UTC 2023

On 2/21/23 18:04, Lars Schotte wrote:

> Yes, that looks nice, I am going to try that too.
> Because every other option is based on some other software,
> like relayd or nginx, it is all possible, but adds complexity.
> The best would be to have it inside connection string.


connect= host=host1 host=host2 dbname=<db> user=<user> password=<pwd>

I'm using that since pretty much 2006 - if I'm not mistaken - on my 
little servers. Simply works.

If one server is not reachable you just get an error log entry in 
mail.err that connect failed to the database that is down.
But that is all - dovecot keeps working as normal.

BTW: Same with postfix. Simply list an additional fallback and it just 



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