[Dovecot-news] Dovecot v2.3.13 released

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at dovecot.fi
Mon Jan 4 14:02:10 EET 2021

We are pleased to release v2.3.13. Please find it from locations below:

Binary packages in https://repo.dovecot.org/
Docker images in https://hub.docker.com/r/dovecot/dovecot

Aki Tuomi
Open-Xchange oy


* CVE-2020-24386: Specially crafted command can cause IMAP hibernate to
  allow logged in user to access other people's emails and filesystem
* Metric filter and global event filter variable syntax changed to a
  SQL-like format. See
* auth: Added new aliases for %{variables}. Usage of the old ones is
  possible, but discouraged.
* auth: Removed RPA auth mechanism, SKEY auth mechanism, NTLM auth
  mechanism and related password schemes.
* auth: Removed passdb-sia, passdb-vpopmail and userdb-vpopmail.
* auth: Removed postfix postmap socket
+ auth: Added new fields for auth server events. These fields are now
  also available for all auth events. See
  for details.
+ imap-hibernate: Added imap_client_hibernated, imap_client_unhibernated
  and imap_client_unhibernate_retried events. See
  https://doc.dovecot.org/admin_manual/list_of_events/ for details.
+ lib-index: Added new mail_index_recreated event. See
+ lib-sql: Support TLS options for cassandra driver. This requires
  cpp-driver v2.15 (or later) to work reliably.
+ lib-storage: Missing $HasAttachment / $HasNoAttachment flags are now
  added to existing mails if mail_attachment_detection_option=add-flags
  and it can be done inexpensively.
+ login proxy: Added login_proxy_max_reconnects setting (default 3) to
  control how many reconnections are attempted.
+ login proxy: imap/pop3/submission/managesieve proxying now supports
  reconnection retrying on more than just connect() failure. Any error
  except a non-temporary authentication failure will result in reconnect
- auth: Lua passdb/userdb leaks stack elements per call, eventually
  causing the stack to become too deep and crashing the auth or
  auth-worker process.
- auth: SASL authentication PLAIN mechanism could be used to trigger
  read buffer overflow. However, this doesn't seem to be exploitable in
  any way.
- auth: v2.3.11 regression: GSSAPI authentication fails because dovecot
  disallows NUL bytes for it.
- dict: Process used too much CPU when iterating keys, because each key
  used a separate write() syscall.
- doveadm-server: Crash could occur if logging was done outside command
  handling. For example http-client could have done debug logging
  afterwards, resulting in either segfault or
  Panic: file http-client.c: line 642 (http_client_context_close):
  assertion failed: (cctx->clients_list == NULL).
- doveadm-server: v2.3.11 regression: Trying to connect to doveadm server
  process via starttls assert-crashed if there were no ssl=yes listeners:
  Panic: file master-service-ssl.c: line 22 (master_service_ssl_init):
  assertion failed: (service->ssl_ctx_initialized).
- fts-solr: HTTP requests may have assert-crashed:
  Panic: file http-client-request.c: line 1232
  assertion failed: (req->payload_input != NULL)
- imap: IMAP NOTIFY could crash with a segmentation fault due to a bad
  configuration that causes errors. Sending the error responses to the
  client can cause the segmentation fault. This can for example happen
  when several namespaces use the same mail storage location.
- imap: IMAP NOTIFY used on a shared namespace that doesn't actually
  exist (e.g. public namespace for a nonexistent user) can crash with a
  Panic: Leaked view for index /tmp/home/asdf/mdbox/dovecot.list.index:
Opened in (null):0
- imap: IMAP session can crash with QRESYNC extension if many changes
  are done before asking for expunged mails since last sync.
- imap: Process might hang indefinitely if client disconnects after
  sending some long-running commands pipelined, for example FETCH+LOGOUT.
- lib-compress: Mitigate crashes when configuring a not compiled in
  compression. Errors with compression configuration now distinguish
  between not supported and unknown.
- lib-compression: Using xz/lzma compression in v2.3.11 could have
  written truncated output in some situations. This would result in
  "Broken pipe" read errors when trying to read it back.
- lib-compression: zstd compression could have crashed in some situations:
  Panic: file ostream.c: line 287 (o_stream_sendv_int): assertion
failed: (!stream->blocking)
- lib-dict: dict client could have crashed in some rare situations when
  iterating keys.
- lib-http: Fix several assert-crashes in HTTP client.
- lib-index: v2.3.11 regression: When mails were expunged at the same
  time as lots of new content was being saved to the cache (e.g. cache
  file was lost and is being re-filled) a deadlock could occur with
  dovecot.index.cache / dovecot.index.log.
- lib-index: v2.3.11 regression: dovecot.index.cache file was being
  purged (rewritten) too often when it had a field that hadn't been
  accessed for over 1 month, but less than 2 months. Every cache file
  change caused a purging in this situation.
- lib-mail: MIME parts were not returned correctly by Dovecot MIME parser.
  Regression caused by fixing CVE-2020-12100.
- lib-mail: When max nested MIME parts were reached, IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE
  was written in a way that may have caused confusion for both IMAP
  clients and Dovecot itself when parsing it. The truncated part is now
  written out using application/octet-stream MIME type.
- lib-mail: v2.3.11 regression: Mail delivery / parsing crashed when the
  10000th MIME part was message/rfc822 (or if parent was multipart/digest):
  Panic: file message-parser.c: line 167 (message_part_append):
  assertion failed: (ctx->total_parts_count <= ctx->max_total_mime_parts).
- lib-oauth2: Dovecot incorrectly required oauth2 server introspection
  reply to contain username with invalid token.
- lib-ssl-iostream, lib-dcrypt: Fix building with OpenSSL that has
  deprecated APIs disabled.
- lib-storage: When mail's size is different from the cached one (in
  dovecot.index.cache or Maildir S=size in the filename), this is
  handled by logging "Cached message size smaller/larger than expected"
  error. However, in some situations this also ended up crashing with:
  Panic: file istream.c: line 315 (i_stream_read_memarea):
  assertion failed: (old_size <= _stream->pos - _stream->skip).
- lib-storage: v2.3 regression: Copying/moving mails was taking much more
  memory than before. This was mainly visible when copying/moving
  thousands of mails in a single transaction.
- lib-storage: v2.3.11 regression: Searching messages assert-crashed
  (without FTS): Panic: file message-parser.c: line 174
  assertion failed: (ctx->nested_parts_count > 0).
- lib: Dovecot v2.3 moved signal handlers around in ioloops,
  causing more CPU usage than in v2.2.
- lib: Fixed JSON parsing: '\' escape sequence may have wrongly resulted
  in error if it happened to be at read boundary. Any NUL characters and
  '\u0000' will now result in parsing error instead of silently
  truncating the data.
- lmtp, submission: Server may hang if SSL client connection disconnects
  during the delivery. If this happened repeated, it could have ended
  up reaching process_limit and preventing any further lmtp/submission
- lmtp: Proxy does not always properly log TLS connection problems as
  errors; in some cases, only a debug message is logged if enabled.
- lmtp: The LMTP service can hang when commands are pipelined. This can
  particularly occur when one command in the middle of the pipeline fails.
  One example of this occurs for proxied LMTP transactions in which the
  final DATA or BDAT command is pipelined after a failing RCPT command.
- login-proxy: The login_source_ips setting has no effect, and therefore
  the proxy source IPs are not cycled through as they should be.
- master: Process was using 100% CPU in some situations when a broken
  service was being throttled.
- pop3-login: POP3 login would fail with "Input buffer full" if the
  initial response for SASL was too long.
- stats: Crash would occur when generating openmetrics data for metrics
  using aggregating functions.

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