[Dovecot-news] Pigeonhole v0.5.13 released

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at dovecot.fi
Mon Jan 4 14:02:16 EET 2021

We are pleased to release pigeonhole 0.5.13. You can download it from
locations below:

Binary packages in https://repo.dovecot.org/
Docker images in https://hub.docker.com/r/dovecot/dovecot

Aki Tuomi
Open-Xchange oy


- duplicate: The test was handled badly in a multiscript (sieve_before,
  sieve_after) scenario in which an earlier script in the sequence with
  a duplicate test succeeded, while a later script caused a runtime
  failure. In that case, the message is recorded for duplicate tracking,
  while the message may not actually have been delivered in the end.
- editheader: Sieve interpreter entered infinite loop at startup when
  the "editheader" configuration listed an invalid header name. This
  problem can only be triggered by the administrator.
- relational: The Sieve relational extension can cause a segfault at
  compile time. This is triggered by invalid script syntax. The segfault
  happens when this match type is the last argument of the test command.
  This situation is not possible in a valid script; positional arguments
  are normally present after that, which would prevent the segfault.
- sieve: For some Sieve commands the provided mailbox name is not
  properly checked for UTF-8 validity, which can cause assert crashes at
  runtime when an invalid mailbox name is encountered. This can be
  caused by the user by writing a bad Sieve script involving the
  affected commands ("mailboxexists", "specialuse_exists").
  This can be triggered by the remote sender only when the user has
  written a Sieve script that passes message content to one of the
  affected commands.
- sieve: Large sequences of 8-bit octets passed to certain Sieve
  commands that create or modify message headers that allow UTF-8 text
  (vacation, notify and addheader) can cause the delivery or IMAP
  process (when IMAPSieve is used) to enter a memory-consuming
  semi-infinite loop that ends when the process exceeds its memory
  limits. Logged in users can cause these hangs only for their own

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