[Dovecot-news] Pigeonhole v0.5.18 released

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at dovecot.fi
Thu Feb 3 10:21:32 UTC 2022

Hi all!

We are pleased to release v0.5.18 of Pigeonhole.

Debian/Stretch support has now been dropped.

CentOS 8 packages have been replaced with RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 packages. These should be compatible with all the various variants.

Binary packages in https://repo.dovecot.org/
Docker images in https://hub.docker.com/r/dovecot/dovecot

Aki Tuomi
Open-Xchange oy


- duplicate: Users without a home directory can crash with Sieve when
  using duplicate database. v2.3.17 regression.
- imapsieve: When mail was expunged when processing imapsieve events, a
  crash could occur. Fixes Panic: file mail-index-map.c:
  line 558 (mail_index_map_lookup_seq_range): assertion failed: (first_uid > 0)
- managesieve-login: Proxy didn't support forwarding the forward_* passdb fields.
- redirect: Sieve would crash if redirect after keep-equivalent action failed.
- sieve: Interpreter crashes when the Sieve index extension is used with
  index zero.
- vnd.dovecot.filter: Envelope sender string may become corrupted when
  Sieve scripts are using vnd.dovecot.filter. This could end up
  corrupting mbox's From line and return wrong envelope sender string in
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