[Dovecot] minimial maildir++ quota for dovecot-0.99

David Harris dharris at drh.net
Thu Apr 21 16:40:55 EEST 2005


I'm using dovecot-0.99.14, and I wonder if anyone has created patch for
*minimal* Maildir++ support.

By minimal Maildir++ support, I mean the following:

(1) New messages created by dovecot will include the ,S=nnnnn string in the
unique identifier so that Maildir++ clients don't have to stat the file to
know the size.

(2) Dovecot will append to the maildirsize file when a message is deleted or
added. If maildirsize gets larger than the 5120 limit, then just delete it
and let someone else recalculate the quota.

My goal isn't full Maildir++ support in dovecot, but just to make it play
nicely with my Maildir++ aware delivery agent. (If someone has full
Maildir++ support, I'd be glad for that too!)

If what I describe above doesn't exist, I am interested in paying someone to
make this quick patch. E-mail me off list if you are interested.



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