[Dovecot] dovecot can't start!

Oleg D. dzoleg at rsute.ru
Wed May 24 18:20:17 EEST 2006

MB> Hmmm... I was seeing a problem rather like this with 1.0beta8 under Solaris
MB> with Sun's compiler: only it was with the IMAP protocol rather than POP.

MB> The problem there was an assumption Tio had made that everyone was using a
MB> C99-compatible compiler.  Apparently this handles some aspects of variable
MB> initialisation differently from earlier C compilers.

MB> In my case adding a command-line option to the C compiler to flip it into
MB> C99 mode seemed to solve the problem.  The option for our compiler was
MB> "-xc99" -- however if your compiler has such an option it may have a 
MB> different name.  If you check the manual page for your C compiler you may
MB> find an equivalent option to try.

MB> However another solution was provided by Timo in the form of a simple patch
MB> that made changes to a couple of source files.  I hope Timo doesn't mind:
MB> I'm re-sending his patch as an attachment to this message as it is tiny.
MB> You could try applying it and rebuilding Dovecot.

MB> Cheers,
MB> Mike Brudenell

But I use FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE-p15 with native compiler.
Really nobody has this problem on freebsd?

And the main - Why I can't start dovecot without SSL :)
Why I see in log "pop3-login: BUG: SSL initialization parameters not given while they should have been"
even if I have "ssl_disable = yes" in dovecot.conf
1.0b3 works fine.
This problem is main for me
because I don't want to use SSL.

Best regards,
 Oleg                            mailto:dzoleg at rsute.ru

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