[Dovecot] Sending email using IMAP

Angel Marin anmar at gmx.net
Fri Nov 3 12:15:13 UTC 2006

martin f krafft escribió:
> also sprach Angel Marin <anmar at gmx.net> [2006.11.03.1251 +0100]:
>> You don't need send-via-IMAP for that, we're already doing this without 
>> it. Just configure your MTA to deliver a copy of sent mail to user's 
>> sent folder (and some mechanism for user opt-in if needed) and configure 
>> clients to not save the copy. A sieve script to add 'Seen' flag to those 
>> messages may also be a good thing to add.
> This seems like going out of your way, and it adds a bunch of
> headers to the archived mail.

But it makes dialup user's life a lot easier without much configuration 
overhead (one extra delivery on your MTA and make your MDA set the 
'Seen' flag).

The extra headers are even useful as you'll have a copy of the message 
that's much like the real one delivered, and if you don't want them then 
configure your MDA to not archive them.

Angel Marin

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