[Dovecot] Sending email using IMAP

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Nov 3 12:27:06 UTC 2006

On 3.11.2006, at 10.38, Steffen Kaiser wrote:

>> Why not use the smtp *submission* port (and leave 25 disabled)?
>> Also, SMTP auth is a good thing.  Much better than the old cowboy  
>> days of just trusting some networks..
> Well, one intention for mail via IMAP is that most people keep a  
> copy in their Sent folder, which is located remotely as well - in  
> contrast to POP3. So, you have only one transmission of the (same)  
> contents.

There are already some other SMTP/IMAP extensions created for that  
purpose by Lemonade IETF group, which I think is a better way to do  

> There is another one: Some mail clients have a really bad SMTP  
> AUTH / TLS implementation, in opposite to IMAP.

And how many such clients support sending mail via IMAP? :)

I guess it would already work with most clients if you specifically  
save the message to a specific mailbox, instead of just clicking the  
normal send-button. But I doubt anyone would actually want to use  
that way.
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