[Dovecot] Server-side mail archiving - possible dovecot lda feature?

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Fri Nov 3 13:30:46 UTC 2006

Hi Timo,

I have a question on the feasibility of adding the capability directly 
in dovecot LDA (or maybe this wouldn't be the correct place?) to provide 
a server-side mail archiving feature.

What I'd like is a simple way to define a maildir, ie:


And then have the dovecot LDA deliver a copy of all mail (incoming and 
outgoing) to this archive folder.

Is the dovecot LDA the best place for this to go? Or would an entirely 
new plug-in be more appropriate?

My boss may be willing to pay to have this capability added. I have 
investigated other third party solutions, but I would prefer something 
that is tightly integrated with dovecot.

I look forward to your response...


Best regards,


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