[Dovecot] Server-side mail archiving - possible dovecot lda feature?

Angel Marin anmar at gmx.net
Fri Nov 3 15:00:30 UTC 2006

Charles Marcus escribió:
> I did quite a bit of googling, and there doesn't seem 
> to be a good OSS solution to archiving all email on a server, which is 
> why I am asking about this here.

Maybe because they're not needed? Any decent mta will allow doing 
'shadow' deliveries given a set of conditions, so all archiving needs 
can be met by configuring the mta (in exim land this can be done as an 
unseen router or in a system filter, neither of which require 
programming skills).

> anmar at gmx.net said:
>> dovecot LDA has already -m that allows what you're looking for, just
>  > make your MTA do a second delivery adjusting LDA arguments.
> Well, since I'm not a programmer, I wouldn't know where to begin, which, 
> again, is why I asked.

Well, it's not a programming issue, it's a MTA configuration one.

> Why would you object to some extra options to the LDA that would support 
> feeding Postfix (or other MTA's via a documented list of arguments for 
> each supported MTA) the required command(s) to accomplish the delivery 
> to the correct maildir?

Let's say you're delivering using dovecot lda as '/path/to/lda/deliver 
-d $user', then you need your mta do a second delivery invoking 
'/path/to/lda/deliver -d $user -m Archive'. That's all. Both for 
'incoming' (two LDA deliveries) or 'outgoing' (one smtp and one LDA 
delivery) mail.

Then if you're mta does not allow that sort of configuration, you need a 
more flexible mta :)

Angel Marin

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