[Dovecot] Upgrade from RC7 to RC10 didn't go too well...

Dominic Lepiane dlepiane at irmacs.sfu.ca
Mon Nov 6 18:40:22 UTC 2006

Timo posted a solution for this as well.  You need to change the 
default_mail_env to match the appropriate example from the provided config.

default_mail_env = mbox:~/mail/:INBOX=/var/mail/%u

This is due to changes as of RC8.  As per Timo's comments about RC11, the 
config item is now called "mail_location" instead of "default_mail_env".


On Monday 06 November 2006 05:06, Ivo Truxa wrote:
> I have the same problem after upgrading to RC10. Did you find a solution?
> Should I update to RC11 or rather downgrade back to an earlier version?
> Thanks,
> Ivo Truxa
> >>>>>>> original message >>>>>>>
> Hi,
> On the weekend I tried to upgrade from RC7 to RC10.  Clearly, I have to
> change
> some things before I can do this.  What does it take to get to RC10?
> As is, my mail client got an error trying to list messages in /INBOX (via
> IMAP) and the mail.err log shows the following messages:
> Oct 29 10:27:32 siona dovecot: IMAP(archangel):
> open(/var/mail/archangel/inbox, O_CREAT) failed: Not a directory
> Oct 29 10:27:32 siona dovecot: IMAP(archangel):
> mkdir_parents(/var/mail/archangel/.imap/INBOX) failed: Not a directory
> Oct 29 10:27:32 siona dovecot: IMAP(archangel): open() failed with
> subscription file /var/mail/archangel/.subscriptions:
> Not a directory
> My dovecot.conf includes
> default_mail_env = mbox:/var/mail/%u
> And other then enabling SSL, I've got a pretty vanilla configuration (e.g.
> nothing in the IMAP section at all, no odd namespaces...)
> /var/mail/archangel is an mbox file, why is dovecot trying to open files
> under
> there?
> I know at least part of the discussion has happened on the list before so
> I'm
> sorry for duplicating other questions.  My TODO is about ten km long so I
> hope someone can at least give me a couple good pointers.
> Thanks in advance!

Dominic Lepiane
The IRMACS Centre
Simon Fraser University
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