[Dovecot] rc13 soon

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Nov 7 16:49:00 UTC 2006

I think I'll just start making new releases whenever I've fixed
something important. You'll have a while to report more bugs and then
I'll make rc13 release, maybe in about 5 hours or maybe tomorrow.

I updated already the nightly snapshot if you want to test the upcoming

Changes so far:

	+ deliver: If we're executing as a normal system user, get the HOME
	  environment from passwd if it's not set. This makes it possible to
	  run deliver from .forward.
	- Older compilers caused LDAP authentication to crash
	- Dying LDAP connections weren't handled exactly correctly in rc11,
	  although it seemed to work usually
	- Fixed crashes and memory leaks with AUTHENTICATE command
	- Fixed crashes and leaks with IMAP/POP3 proxying

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