[Dovecot] Dovecot rc12 on Mandriva 2007.0 woes

Egbert Jan egbert at vandenbussche.nl
Tue Nov 7 22:06:07 UTC 2006

Thanks Timo, 

Sorry to bother you with my newbie problems while you're so busy getting
rc13 out of the door. Since I have no external mail yet om the development
box, it's difficult to cut and past to Outlook which is on another piece of
iron. I'll see if I can get some results with the original conf file.

Egbert Jan

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> On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 22:19 +0100, Egbert Jan wrote:
> > Hi list!    (cc to Jerome of Mandriva.org)
> > 
> > I'm fighting to get dovecot rc12 working on Mandriva 2007.0 with 
> > Postfix 2.3.3. Postfix works fine for both system and 
> virtual users. 
> > Mail is delivered in the correct Maildirs. System users have 
> > /home/user/Maildir/ and virtual users have 
> > /home/virtual/domain.tld/user/.
> > 
> > I think I've build and installed correct rpm's using the Cooker 
> > src.rpm (by
> > Jerome) for rc7 modified by me for rc12.
> > 
> > My problem is to get a working dovecot.conf file. Apart from all 
> > relocated file locations in Mandriva (/usr instead of 
> /usr/local and 
> > other less obvious changes),
> There's no need to change the paths since they're commented 
> out, and the defaults are the ones where Mandriva placed them.
> > I want to use imap (and later imaps) with local real
> > system users. I'm completely lost here. Whatever I think is right 
> > syntax in dovecot.conf, is immediately leading to problems. Dovecot 
> > refuses to start.
> How about giving the exact error message? Much easier to help 
> you then.
> > The doc in the dovecot.conf is rather chaotic, imho. Could somebody 
> > give me a WORKING example of the userdb and passdb setting for 
> > ordinary imap to the Maildir in /home/user of an ordinairy system 
> > user, please?
> The default config file should work without any changes for 
> you. I think your problem is elsewhere.

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