[Dovecot] How to give system and virtual users their ownmail_location?

Egbert Jan egbert at vandenbussche.nl
Wed Nov 8 12:58:43 UTC 2006

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> Hi all.
> Now hopefully as a new thread because I still have this 
> question. Apologies to Geert and Timo for my 
> misbehaviour...(repling to the list and changing the subject).
> I hace Dovecot rc12 working on Mandriva 2007.0 now for system 
> accounts and virtual accounts both imap and imaps can be 
> used. Th problem now is that I cannot use both types of user 
> at the same time. The 'mail_location = ' strings are very 
> different: Real system users have their Maildir in 
> /home/%u/Maildir/ but virtual users have their maildir in 
> /home/virtual/%d/%n/. How can tell dovecot to use the first 
> for /etc/passwd clients and second for mysql authenticated 
> clients? Just adding two private namespaces does not work. 
> That is for ONE user having more mailbox locations, isn't it?
> Thanks for any hints!
> Egbert Jan (NL)

Another nono... Replying to my own post. Sorry. Timo mailed me the answer at
the moment I hit te 'send' button. All is fine now! Both systen and virtual
users can happily email/reply/forward to each other now. 

Egbert Jan 

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