[Dovecot] NFSV4?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Nov 16 15:34:03 UTC 2006

Since NFS is an underlying subsystem, dovecot does not need anything
(code wise) to "support" it.  Basically, dovecot writes to the
filesystem, regardless of where it is located.  It really doesn't know
about the underlying layer, be it NFS, ext3, jfs, iSCSI, etc.

In other words, in the most general sense, if the file to be read from
or written to is on an NFSv2 or NFSv4 partition, dovecot really doesn't
care. :)

However, the same *tuning* parameters are necessary when you are using
an NFS file store.

And, in answer to your questions:
o it is already supported (as described above)
o NFSv4 boasts better performance and stability
o it will probably have little impact on the dovecot user community, but
better performance is always a good thing. ;)


> I just read about NFSv4 now being included in SuSE and Redhat
> Enterprise versions, and although I don't use it myself, wondered how
> this will impact Dovecot for those using it?
> Will it make life easier? Or is it even supported currently?
> Just curious... thanks...

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