[Dovecot] TLS timeout with Thunderbird

Jason Dixon jason at dixongroup.net
Fri Nov 17 19:33:04 UTC 2006

I'm trying to get dovecot working with various clients on my new  
mailserver.  I installed the base rc2 that comes with OpenBSD 4.0,  
then upgraded to rc14 when I ran into problems with TLS and  
Thunderbird.  The server has no problems with Mail.app on my laptop,  
but any connection attempts from Thunderbird timeout after the TCP  

13:53:41.074438 66.x.x.2.50483 > 38.x.x.248.993: S  
3787736038:3787736038(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,wscale  
0,nop,nop,timestamp 2064284084 0,sackOK,eol> (DF)
13:53:41.074554 38.x.x.248.993 > 66.x.x.2.50483: S  
1565942120:1565942120(0) ack 3787736039 win 16384 <mss  
1460,nop,nop,sackOK,nop,wscale 0,nop,nop,timestamp 2681405076  
2064284084> (DF)
13:53:41.459434 66.x.x.2.50483 > 38.x.x.248.993: . ack 1 win 65535  
<nop,nop,timestamp 2064284084 2681405076> (DF)
13:53:47.028621 66.x.x.2.50483 > 38.x.x.248.993: F 1:1(0) ack 1 win  
65535 <nop,nop,timestamp 2064284096 2681405076> (DF)

The only thing logged by dovecot is a disconnection event.  There is  
nothing else logged, even with ssl_verbose enabled.

Nov 17 14:23:05 colo2 dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected: rip=66.x.x. 
2, lip=38.x.x.248, TLS handshake

This happens with Thunderbird and on Mac OS X, and  
Thunderbird on Windows 2000.  Any ideas would be greatly  


Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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