[Dovecot] two assertion failures

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Nov 18 21:01:29 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 15:46 -0500, Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> Hello!
> I was able to overcome the earlier-reported problems (of dovecot treating
> the standard mailboxes in /var/mail/ as directories) by specifying
> mail_location (continuing to use the 0.99-era dovecot.conf did not work).
> Then I started seeing assertion-failures like:
> file istream-raw-mbox.c: line 499 (istream_raw_mbox_get_body_size): assertion failed: (rstream->mail_size != (uoff_t)-1)

> these disappeared, when I disabled mmap-access (mmap is limited to 1Gb on
> FreeBSD/i386), although dovecot-0.99 worked... 

Do you mean mail_read_mmaped=yes? I haven't tested that for a long time,
I guess I should do that or remove the setting completely..

> I can now get to my mail again,
> but every once in a while the following assertion kills the connection:
> file mail-transaction-log.c: line 273 (mail_transaction_log_close): assertion failed: (log->files == NULL)

This is a common problem with rc14. I've been a bit busy so I hadn't had
time to fix it before, but now it's finally done:


I'll make a rc15 release soon also.

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