[Dovecot] Dovecot on Solaris

Hans Morten Kind Kind at it.uib.no
Tue Nov 21 17:28:21 UTC 2006

We are running Dovecot compiled with gcc,
it does compile with Sun's cc - even with 64bits (-xarch=v9)
but I dont think we would accomplish anything running with 64bit code?

We prefer gcc as dependent libraries like openssl
compiles best with the commonly used gcc

If there should be any gain running the 64bits-binary,
I would like to know.

We have been running rc15 for more than 2 days now,
not experienceing any problems seen on previous release-candidates.

I think it's a go for 1.0

Lots of thanks to the fine work of Timo!

Hans Morten Kind
Univ of Bergen
10k+ users daily

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