[Dovecot] maildirsize update error

Ben Marsh ben.marsh at editure.com
Thu Nov 23 00:36:23 UTC 2006

On 21/11/2006, at 10:56 PM, Charles Marcus wrote:

>> What happens when users find that they can store stuff in the  
>> Trash dir when they are out of quota in the other folders?  Such  
>> behavior would make trash a haven for getting around quota  
>> limits.  You could perhaps threaten users with periodic enforced  
>> purges of the trash but that wouldn't go down well (At least where  
>> I work).
> I'm curious... we don't use quotas here, but I've been thinking  
> about implementing them.
> We also use Thunderbird as our preferred mail client, and while I  
> agree that our users would *not* be happy about losing the ability  
> to keep a weeks worth of trashed mail, Thunderbird does (don't  
> most?) have the ability to delete a message immediately, bypassing  
> the 'Move to trash' operation, by simply holding the 'Shift' key  
> while deleting a message.
> How does/would dovecot react if a user did this? If dovecot allowed  
> the operation, then wouldn't a simple user education be a viable  
> workaround - just tell people how to do this in the mail client  
> they are using when this happens?

I guess it all depends on how amenable to education the users are.   
But, if user education was all that was necessary, I don't think that  
we would need quotas at all.


Ben Marsh

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