[Dovecot] Connection to server time out when deleting (moving to Trash)

Dirk Essl de at floydworld.de
Wed Nov 22 09:33:08 UTC 2006

Anders Lund wrote:
> Hi,
> Running:
>  * Dovecot 1.0 rc15
>  * Debian Sarge Linux
> Using Maildir and IMAP over SSL.
> When trying to delete a lot of mail (> 5000-6000 messages) in some
> folder, using Mozilla Thunderbird ( on Ubuntu, I often
> experience "Connection to server <hostname> timed out." Any suggestions
> on how to fix this problem?
> "Empty Trash" seem to work fine, so I guess this is related to moving a
> lot of mail from one folder to another (Thrash)?

I have exactly the same problem here. Solaris 10, dovecot 1.0rc2, 
maildir, maildir space on a netapp filer mounted via NFS, Thunderbird 1.5.7

I think in my case the filesystem is to slow. Could that be?

> - Anders

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