[Dovecot] Which version of dovecat I must use quit mysql 14.12 5.0.24a?

maria.freixes_graells at alcatel.es maria.freixes_graells at alcatel.es
Wed Nov 22 15:52:06 UTC 2006

Hello everybody!!

I'm new on linux machine configuration, and I have a question related to 
product versions.
We've Linux seweb1 2.6.9-5.EL installed, but instead of install the 
mysql product from "Red Hat Interprise Linux 4" CD what is 
mysql-0:4.1.7-4.RHEL4.1.i386, we installed:  *mysql 14.12 5.0.24a
*So, now, when we tried to install dovecot, it needs 
mysql-0:4.1.7-4.RHEL4.1.i386, perl-DBD-MySQL-0:2.9004-3.1.i386 and 
I don't want to install these packets from mysql because I'm afraid to 
crash the mysql that we've now working......
So, my question is, what I need to do in this case?

Can I install the mysql CD version without interferring to our actual BD 
working: *mysql 14.12 5.0.24a?
*Or....Which version of dovecot we must install in order to work with 
*mysql 14.12 5.0.24a.

*I would be very gratefully if you could help me, beacause we afraid to 
crash the BD that is working now, and we don't know how to install 
dovecot in this case.

Best regards,

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