[Dovecot] Which version of dovecat I must use quit mysql 14.12 5.0.24a?

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Wed Nov 22 17:49:36 UTC 2006

maria.freixes_graells at alcatel.es wrote:
> Can I install the mysql CD version without interferring to our actual BD 
> working: *mysql 14.12 5.0.24a?
> *Or....Which version of dovecot we must install in order to work with 
> *mysql 14.12 5.0.24a.

This is only peripherally related to dovecot, since you are trying to 
install some third-party RPM file which is not provided by the project 
itself.  It is not, in practice, possible to install an RPM of MySQL 
different from the one used to build packages that depend on MySQL 
(since the libraries are not necessarily compatible).  Precompiled 
binary RPM's produced by third-parties are by necessity based on the 
distro-supplied RPM's, so you cannot freely mix and match.

Of course, you could download the source code from dovecot.org and 
actually build dovecot from scratch (probably still the preferred 
method).  Make sure that you install the MySQL dev RPM that matches the 
libraries you already have installed (since the headers, etc. are not 
usually provided in the base RPM).


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