[Dovecot] Can't drop root group privileges

Jackie Hunt jackie at yuma.acns.colostate.edu
Tue Nov 28 17:10:34 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I need your insight.  I've been testing Dovecot on an AIX 5.2
system.  Compiled and running fine.  We have some users on an
AIX 5.1 system, so I'm working on installing it there, so we
can do further testing.

I'm using Dovecot 1.0 RC15 with OpenSSL 9.0.7e, configured to use 
port 10143 (imap) and 10993 (imaps).  The error I'm seeing in the log is:

dovecot: Nov 28 09:23:54 Info: imap-login: Login: user=<jackie>, method=PLAIN, r
ip=xx.x.xxx.xxx, lip=xxx.xx.xxx.xx, TLS
dovecot: Nov 28 09:23:54 Error: IMAP(jackie): We couldn't drop root group privil
eges (wanted=200, gid=200, egid=0)
dovecot: Nov 28 09:23:54 Error: child 860274 (imap) returned error 89

I've seen this error reported on the list, with the suggested resolution
being to set the first_valid_gid = 0 in dovecot.conf.  I've tried that,
and nothing changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jackie Hunt                                                       
ACNS                                    Voice:  (970) 663-3789     
Colorado State University               FAX:    (970) 491-1958
Fort Collins, CO  80523                 Email:  jackie.hunt at colostate.edu

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