[Dovecot] considering dovecot

Rick Hazey rhazey at bitworx.com
Tue Nov 28 23:24:45 UTC 2006

On Nov 28, 2006, at 3:43 PM, Ejay Hire wrote:

> Hello.  What email client do you use?  Most of the one's I've used (on
> Windows) choke at 5k.

Our users tend to use one of the following:

Apple Mail
Entourage (basically Outlook for Mac)
Outlook Express

and then there's the webmail system we provide.

Apple Mail has virtually no limit on messages it will handle. I  
currently have over 500,000 emails in my Apple Mail. It stores email  
much like Dovecot; each email is in a separate file. This makes  
backups a breeze, which a reason to switch to a server that uses  

Entourage, Outlook Express and Outlook have problems if the data file  
exceeds 2GB. This is an ongoing problem and I'm hoping by keeping  
email on the server, the support headaches will be reduced.

I'm not sure what limits Thunderbird has. I use Thunderbird to  
connect to the main directory for all email and it doesn't seem to  
have any trouble handling it.

Currently, everyone is using POP3 but I want to move to IMAP.  
(Thunderbird is the only client that connects via IMAP on our  
systems) The motivation for moving to IMAP is primarily for spam  
handling. Instead of users contacting us for emails that might be  
caught as spam, the spam will be moved to a "junk mail" folder. Then  
the user can peruse the folder themselves to find any legit email  
improperly categorized as junk.

Vacation messages is the other item that is prompting a change.  
Everyone is screaming for that feature.

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