[Dovecot] Redundant shared mail store?

Richard Mayhew - Nashua Mobile Broadband Division richardm at nashuamobile.com
Wed Nov 29 17:46:46 UTC 2006

Anyone looked at using GFS. I found it very easy to use, reliable and
pretty fast. I ran it on RedHat ES.

This gives me the flexabiltiy of having multiple hosts connected to the
same volume. The more hosts, the more load balancing and redundancy you
have. The storeage would preferably be on a SAN of course. 

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Jasper Bryant-Greene writes:

> I prefer option 1, although it's expensive. What have other people
> Do we have other options?

How redudant does it need to be?
How big is the setup?
Does whatever OS you plan to use, works well with NFS?

I use FreeBSD as the OS and we had terrible experience with NFS.
I think NFS servers are probably the way to go... if you have the
budget, but that was not an option for us.

We are planning on having a backup/spare server and doign RSYNCS to it,
but that may not be acceptable if you don't the possibility of loosing
any mail.

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