[Dovecot] considering dovecot

Rick Hazey rhazey at bitworx.com
Tue Nov 28 23:36:21 UTC 2006

On Nov 28, 2006, at 4:48 PM, Francisco Reyes wrote:

> You don't have a test machine you can try it on?

I do have a test machine but getting enough email into it for testing  
will be a daunting task. (see below) I'm primarily in the research  
phase now and testing will come next, after I have some solid info  
that will support Dovecot.

> Courier will be near useless on a heavy usage machine with  
> mailboxes with 5,000+ emails. It highly depends on how busy the  
> machine is, but courier does not handle large amount of mails well.
> I am working on testing and preparing a Courier to Dovecot move.
> As a test I put 15,000 emails in two mailboxes.. one in a Courier  
> machine and one on a (much smaller machine) with Dovecot. For that  
> test I was using a webmail program to connect to both. Dovecot took  
> under a minute the first time (when it created the idexes).. and  
> was near instantaneous thereafter (as long as no new mail came in).  
> Courier just timed out the webmail client.. after several minutes  
> of waiting.

Your experience is what I was looking for. It confirms what I  
suspected. Thanks.

> I recommend you consider Dovecot's LDA "deliver".

Are you aware of any vacation message solutions that work with the  
Sieve plugin? If the vacation message could come from a file or a  
database, that would be ideal. Or is it possible for Sieve to call a  
shell script or accept the vacation message via a pipe?

> Is this a new install or something you are migrating?

It's a migration but I'm migrating from EIMS, which makes things  
problematic. EIMS is a Mac email server that is quite good.  
Unfortunately, it does not handle IMAP very efficiently. It also  
stores email in it's own file format and that format uses Mac  
resource forks. Probably the only way I'll get existing email moved  
is to connect via IMAP to both servers and copy the files. I'm  
expecting the whole process to be somewhat painful....

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