[Dovecot] considering dovecot

Rick Hazey rhazey at bitworx.com
Wed Nov 29 13:15:17 UTC 2006

On Nov 29, 2006, at 2:16 AM, Curtis Maloney wrote:

> It wouldn't hurt the list for you to tell us which criteria you  
> judged the delivery agents by.  Never know, someone might have an  
> even better alternative.

There are two must-have features:

1) capability to move emails marked as spam into a junk mail folder
2) capability for users to set their own vacation message via a web page

Sieve can do both but for #2 it appears that the vacation message  
text must be contained within the Sieve script itself. I'm planning  
on using mySQL for the authentication database and the vacation  
message should be stored in mySQL. I don't see any way to access the  
vacation message text from mySQL using Sieve.

Of course, there are unknown needs that will popup in the future and  
Maildrop appears to be flexible enough to handle most situations. I  
have no experience with either, so this opinion is based on what I've  
been reading and subject to change.

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