[Dovecot] considering dovecot

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Wed Nov 29 13:30:22 UTC 2006

Rick Hazey wrote:
> 2) capability for users to set their own vacation message via a web page
> Sieve can do both but for #2 it appears that the vacation message text
> must be contained within the Sieve script itself. I'm planning on using
> mySQL for the authentication database and the vacation message should be
> stored in mySQL. I don't see any way to access the vacation message text
> from mySQL using Sieve.

Properly handling vacation messages is beyond the current capabilities of SIEVE,
IMNSHO.  The problem is that it is surprisingly tricky to correctly figure out
what messages *not* to reply to: listserv messages, bounces, etc.  Indeed, there
is no way in the SIEVE language to limit the vacation messages by number either;
it is considered best practices to only respond with the vacation message a
limited number of times (configurable).

Personally (and professionally) I use qmail-autoresponder:


which, despite its name, isn't just limited to qmail, but can be placed in a
.forward file.



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